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“I purchased their lovely wooden honey dispenser. First, let me tell you why I bought this product. Turns out my son who throws tantrums to have a spoon of honey everyday likes to have it when it is served through a dispenser. I loved the idea too. But as I started searching in the market, I found only silicon ones or glass ones. Both are risky in its own way so I started to look for organic wooden ones and stumbled upon this Wooden Honey Dipper. It’s neat, compact, light, and made of pure wood. The best thing is it is easy to handle and fits into a small or medium jar, easily. I’ve started to consume honey regularly, thanks to this dispenser. If you consume honey everyday, this is a must-have!” – Nesha

“The natural toilet cleaner product is for the environmentally-conscious customer, if you say no to chemicals and strive to protect the environment by making conscious choices, try this organic solution now. I also believe that this is an excellent alternative to Harpic since it does not comprise any toxic chemicals, ensures effective cleaning, and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Kudos to Team EKAM for creating an environmentally friendly and effective product!” – Rohit

“I love this coffee! The first thing I have in the morning to kick start my day is a cup of Rage Coffee. This unique blend has 100% arabica and tastes really good. This is instant coffee, so you can have it with hot/cold water or milk. You can also add it to your cold coffee. The strong taste and aroma are what I love the most. Also, it is value for money because all you need to make your coffee taste great is a small amount of Rage! I am convinced that the unique blend and aroma is what makes it different from others.” – Pratyasa

“It’s been a month since I started using HaldiVita’s Elaichi Pista Flavor. I used to feel extreme fatigue post 4 PM but this has reduced, drastically. Now I feel quite energetic and my choice to have it in the night ensures that I have good sleep.” – Shivali Biswal

I have been using Nabhi Sutra acne oil for almost a month now and it really works! I have been suffering from acne all my life and nothing really helped. I tried many organic shampoo and oils, but none of them worked. – Nikita Patel

Satt Naturals peppermint oil has worked wonders for me in many ways! I have frequent headaches, and by applying peppermint oil mixed with almond oil on my temple and forehead I get rid of the headaches in no time! I apply some on the back of my neck and shoulders to keep my energy levels up! Highly recommended to use and improve your lifestyle! – Ritika Naidu

At 5, our son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes even though we don’t have a family history. Being young, it was hard for him to follow a strict diet with no sweets. We felt helpless as parents because he couldn’t eat food that other kids enjoyed. We came across Diabliss and realized that we could make his favourite desserts at home without affecting his health. Diabliss sugar has been the silver lining in our cloud. – Santhosh & Vaishnavi

SeriCha is an excellent product. I prefer SeriCha Natural Flavour. It has helped me to control my high sugar & HbA1c level in a natural way. I have been a regular user of this product for more than 2 years. SeriCha has benefited me in overall wellbeing and weight management too. – Prashanti

“True to its name, this thing really works!! I’m assured going to bed after a binge heavy night, without worrying about the dreadful morning after. Well done you guys!.” –  Vachan Chinappa

I have been wearing elevator shoes all my life. Had compromised either on design or bought them for a bomb. Veto looks quite balanced that way. Typically people may find them expensive, but only elevator shoe buyers will understand. –  Suhas Chaitanya