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#16/1, Church Road, Opp. St. Michael’s Church, Shanti Nagar, 560027 Bangalore IN
Infinique Mall
#16/1, Church Road, Opp. St. Michael’s Church, Shanti Nagar, Bangalore, IN
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Adding Dimensions to Your Business Portfolio

  • By Infinique Mall
  • •  Jul 12, 2021
A business does not run only on the strength of the products & services it brings to the public at large. There are innumerable components along the delivery pipeline that go into the fabrication of a successful line. The logistics of so many aspects of your business may not be something that you have the infrastructure and expertise to handle and oversee on your own. That’s where BizEdge Disha enters as your one-stop business partner.
BizEdge Disha has traversed the ground with countless companies over the decades and can boast of an unshakeable experience base. Whether you need help with your e-commerce platform, market research, working on the technological aspects of business management, retail commerce, digital marketing or site optimization, BizEdge Disha has you covered.
Enabling business partners to reach out to previously untapped markets is a key factor that can increase ROI drastically for any undertaking. We have every brand promotion and advertising tool at hand to give you that extra lift after all of your hard work. We even have a newly launched buying & selling app that acts as an Instant Virtual Business Tool to boost productivity and sales.
BizEdge Disha understands that you are special in every sense. Every brand has a character of its own. To work specifically with each set of characteristics we are handed down, we have bespoke solutions that are assembled exclusively. Custom designed business solutions work with your unique set of desires without compromising on the quality of the outcome.
Retail Solutions at BizEdge Disha cover the entire spectrum of Sales & Distribution. Other than the actual manufacturing process, BizEdge Disha takes over all other aspects of your business. Our Shared Solutions provide a gateway of entry into Key Accounts & Modern Trade.
Website maintenance, e-commerce and operating your webstore can be taxing. We have the operations units to deal with your multiple operations concerns flawlessly. Our Digital Transactions Enablement Platform function off of a Low Opex Model which has a direct tie with Cost Per Transaction.
The newest innovation to hit BizEdge Disha’s corpus is Infinique Mall, a first-of-its-kind online shopping mall in India. The curated online gallery flaunts a product range of rare & unique pieces sourced from around the world bearing in mind the specific tastes of the Sec A population of India & the subcontinent. Acting as a dispatch platform for both Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs) and Multi Brand Outlets (MBOs), sellers can optimize their market reach with a simple buying process for customers.
Red Commerce has never been this scalable. With an industry presence of more than 30 years, BizEdge Disha has the sales apparatus that can give you the strongest market presence possible.
For more information, please visit our official web page at talk to us directly, send us a mail at or give us a call on (+91) 88848 84475.

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