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Turmeric is a bright yellow-orange root that belongs to the ginger family. It is known as the Indian saffron,Haldi, or Haridra. Turmeric powder is found in the spice boxes of all Indian households. It has a long and ancient history of being used in cooking, fabric dyeing, cosmetics, and traditional medicine. Turmeric also plays an important part in the formulation of Ayurveda and Chinese medicines. Turmeric is rich in a wide array of nutrients – a tablespoon of turmeric powder contains iron, potassium, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins.
A slight tinge of turmeric has numerous health benefits ranging from skincare to curing cancer. Let’s find out five ways turmeric is useful for our health.

1. Anti-inflammatory

Turmeric acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and repairs the damages caused by various viruses and bacteria. Studies have proven that curcumin in turmeric is extremely beneficial in curing inflammation in the human body. It has been proven that the longer the period of inflammation, the higher the chances of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, etc. Curcumin positively affects arthritis, various eye conditions, cancer, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

2. Anti-oxidant

Curcumin hunts down the radical atoms that damage the cells and, in turn, results in cardiovascular diseases. Curcumin plays an important part in protecting and managing various heart diseases. Curcumin is a pigment found in turmeric that provides a bright orange tone to turmeric and offers various health benefits like lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in people at risk of heart disease.

3. Becomes part of healthy and tasty recipes

Turmeric isn’t just useful in providing just health benefits. It serves as a taste enhancer as well. Turmeric blends well with numerous recipes and offers good ta and health benefits at the same time. Here are few recipes that include turmeric as one of their main ingredients and can be consumed regularly:

  • Caffeine-free turmeric tea
  • Turmeric-infused smoothie blends (orange, carrot)
  • Turmeric milk
  • Salads, yogurt, eggs


4. Skincare

Turmeric also acts as a fantastic skincare product and health and wellness product. Turmeric treats acne, wounds, boils, bruises, blisters, ulcers, eczema, insect bites, herpes, psoriasis, brightens dark circles, brings out natural glow – the list goes on. Long-term use of curcumin may treat or prevent skin aging. Turmeric oil is a useful ingredient in skin brightening lotions. The traditional Indian household still uses turmeric powder during baths.

5. Turmeric prevents cancer

Turmeric affects cancer formation and development at a molecular level. It prevents the spread of cancer cells and even the cancer cells death in various cancers. It fights well against lung, breast, prostate, and colon cancers. Preliminary findings of a clinical test proved that the curcumin reduced protein production, which caused prostate cancer.

Turmeric is one of the most beneficial spices of all. Turmeric has various forms as powdered, oil, and in its basic form, the stem. It can also be consumed in supplements or health drinks such as HaldiVita – a powerful health drink with the goodness of the rare Himalayan Turmeric. HaldiVita is available online at Infinique Mall.

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