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#16/1, Church Road, Opp. St. Michael’s Church, Shanti Nagar, 560027 Bangalore IN
Infinique Mall
#16/1, Church Road, Opp. St. Michael’s Church, Shanti Nagar, Bangalore, IN
+9118001239075 //" [email protected]

Infinique mall – an online shopping experience like never before.

  • By Infinique mall
  • •  Jul 07, 2022
In an era where almost everything is done online, the shopping sector is one that broke the barriers of e-commerce. Online shopping sites in India is now a multibillion-dollar industry and is growing every day. Smartphones play a majority of this lead as most of today’s internet traffic is from smartphones. Apps and websites are now made to be intuitive and faster for the best user experience while offering some of the best products and services.
People have a tough time to pick from a large variety of online shopping sites. Infinique Mall, is an online shopping site that is based in India. Here are some of the infinitely unique things about Infinique Mall.
Why Infinique mall?
Infinique Mall is a well curated online shopping mall, which fulfils a part of the shopping experience with its premium and luxury products which are unique and curated. Infinique mall has taken a conscious decision in providing its customers with products which are handpicked for its premium, niche appeal and is guaranteed for satisfaction.


Infinique mall offers branded products in different categories like food, beverage, personal products, health & wellness, home & kitchen, lifestyle and kids with separate sections. ‘Rare Kart’ offers products which are exclusive FMCG (Fast-moving Consumer Goods) and ‘Unique Kart’ offers FMCD (Fast-Moving Consumer Durables). ‘Deal kart’ offers products with amazing offers. They offer a wide range of options for lifestyle online shopping and different food brands in India. Infinique Mall provides merchants who produce unique products, a platform to sell their products to consumers and also has the provision for bulk orders Considering the pandemic, online shopping sites are considered as life savers to millions across the globe. Infinique mall enables easy access to its customer to its well-curated virtual shopping mall.

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