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#16/1, Church Road, Opp. St. Michael’s Church, Shanti Nagar, Bangalore, IN
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As long as there was coffee in the world how bad could things be. -Cassandra Claire, City of Ashes

  • By Infiquemall
  • •  Aug 07, 2021

Having any kind hobbies give you an opportunity to enhance your life. Hobbies allow you to destress yourself while remaining mentally productive. Having hobbies promotes better health and may lower the risk of having high blood pressure.Enjoying a few hours of your hobby a week can also reduce the risk of depression. In this unprecedented time, and spending hours and hours at home, let’s start something positive, let’s start something charged, filled with enthusiasm. How about a turbocharged drink? Sounds nice isn’t it? Presenting you a wide range of Turbo-charged Rage Coffee, with new exotic flavours, hard to miss.

1.Dark chocolate – Premium Arabica Instant Coffee, everyone loves chocolate, be it like childhood days, adolescents, adulthood or old age. Chocolate is good and has many positive effects while consuming, but what if you blend it with coffee? The outcome will be like heaven. It’s best in taste, enhances your concentration and keeps your mind in a cool and composed state.

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2.Creme Caramel Flavour Premium Arabica Instant Coffee. The India’s first Online Curated Shopping Mall offers you wide new flavour in coffee recipes making it an ordinary to extraordinary state of coffee. Try this flavour and your day will be better, also sharing this with your friends, family or colleges, a lot great things can happen with a sip of coffee

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3.Irish Hazelnut Flavour – Premium Arabica Instant Coffee Turbocharge your day! Like Irishmen who love drinking on the job even you can be like them. No! Not drinking intoxicants, but drinking our Irish Hazelnut flavoured coffee and we assure your day will be fantastic. Our products are FSSAI approved and safe to consume.

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4.Original Blend – Premium Arabica Instant Coffee Turbocharge. The only instant coffee you’ll fall in love with instantly. Our new flavour offers you quality at its best. Which is not only good for taste, but also improves your focus level as well. Try to share it with someone whom you love, who knows it may lead to a new story or maybe a love story?

5.Sparky Orange Flavour –Try our Premium Arabica Instant Coffee Turbocharge. The only instant coffee you’ll feel excited about. Rather than consuming ordinary coffee with the same old taste it may sound boring but don’t worry Infinique mall understands your thoughts. Sparky orange flavor will make your mood joyful and it’s reasonably priced.

6.Tube Shots Original Blend – Premium Arabica Instant Coffee, in this range of products, now you can carry your coffee in your pouch, bags or kits. Our unbreakable packets with pieces or shots can make your drink appetizing. Easy to use, great taste and worth trying our shots! Also please don’t forget to take a COVID-19 vaccine shot as well and sip our coffee too.

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